Festival Weekend: Simple Flower Crowns

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 1.16.33 PMTomorrow begins the start of a wonderful weekend. For many people, that means the Red River Rivalry game at the Cotton Bowl. For people like myself who would rather get out of Dallas for the weekend, that means heading down to Austin to hear some great live music with your friends from college. I relish in the opportunity to channel my inner flower child. And every flower child needs a flower crown.

Supplies Needed:

  • Silk flowers of your choice
  • Green wire
  • Wire cuttersFlower crown supplies Once you have your supplies, unravel a good amount of wire. Fit the wire to where you want to wear your flower crown and wrap wire around itself to secure. Continue to wrap around a few times so that the crown is at least two or three wires thick. This way, your flower crown won’t be flimsy. Flower crown tutorial Cut the flowers you would like to use, leaving just a little stem at the end for flowers that you want to wrap around the crown. Wrap wire around to secure. Make sure that it is wrapped tightly at the ends. For this weekend, we only wanted simple flower crowns. So next week, I’ll post a full tutorial with a bigger, more complex crown!DIY Flower crown tutorial

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